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A Tribute to Addie Rossi - September 6, 1916 to April 23, 2005

Our wonderful and loving Mother, Addie, left with the "angels" in the early morning of April 23, 2005.  She died peacefully with her family at her side - daughter and son-in-law Adrienne and Henry; son and daughter-in-law Steve and Beth; and grand-daughter Meghan.  While we are all very sad that we have lost her, Addie would not want us to remorse over her passing.  She would say, "celebrate the many wonderful memories we shared together - Isn't it time for afternoon cocktails!"  With that is mind, "Addie's Page" is now dedicated to her memory.  It contains both a PHOTO MEMORY ALBUM and a MEMORY PAGE with quotes from family and friends who have reflected on the many ways that Addie touched their lives. If you would like to add your "memory" just EMAIL me. 

Addie was a very special lady.  Everyone who met her became her friend.  She was always the gracious host assuring that you were well fed and had your favorite beverage.  Even near the end with Hospice nurses round the clock, her positive spirit and friendliness made everyone want to be her adopted daughters and sons.  You didn't "just meet Addie,"  she was someone that became a part of your life - someone that you always enjoyed being with. 

You may not know it, but Addie lived with Sam and Henry for 17 years.  We were together in New Hampshire, Wyoming, and finally Florida.  Often when asked, "Do you have any children?", I would reply, "No, I live with my Mother-in-law, two dogs, and my wife Sam."  (Note the order - Addie was always first!) The response generally received was, "You must be a saint to have your mother-in-law living with you for such a long time?"  In reality, it was Addie who was the "saint."  She shared our space, never intruding, and always sharing in the pleasures and challenges that life presented.  Sam and I always traveled with Addie.  To some, this may seem strange, even restrictive.  Thanks to Addie's company, our journeys were fun and memorable.  From walking the glaciers in Alaska, to traversing the Panama Canal, to eating in many great restaurants,  Addie was "game" for any adventure.  Even in her later years, no obstacle stood in her way.  Addie thrived on our youth, and our lives were enriched by her presence.  As the son-in-law, Addie always treated me like her own son.  It's hard to explain, but Addie was as much a part of our family as my wife and my own  mother, and she was never an intruder.

Addie and "Sam" were more than mother and daughter, they were "best friends!"  They shopped together, talked about everything together, and they planned every special occasion together from birthdays to holidays.  The only real disagreement was "Sam's nickname!"  Addie would say, "I didn't give birth to a 'Sam', I gave birth to Adrienne."  Addie would never call Sam by any name other than Adrienne.  If there was a Guinness Book of Records for mother/daughter relationships, this would be it.  Sam, or should I say "Adrienne" took care of her mom to the very end.  I could not have been more proud of her devotion, commitment, and love that she gave to her mother every minute of every day.

A mother's love is strongest when there is a son and Steve is no exception.  Addie loved Steve and was very proud of all his accomplishments.  Steve followed his father Charles L. Rossi in occupation (engineer) and talent for attracting dedicated and hard working people.  Along with his wife Beth Ann, Addie always looked forward to visits from Steve whether it was here or at their home.  Nothing brightened up a day like a surprise visit from Steve.  One special birthday, Addie was expecting me to walk in the door after golf.  Instead she looked up from the kitchen and called in excitement: "Stephen!"  There are also four wonderful grand children that idolized their grandmother: Adam and his wife Laila, Benjamin and wife JoAnn, Caleb, and Meghan.  They all surprised her for a Thanksgiving visit.  A few weeks before she died, Addie received a call from Ben and JoAnn announcing the birth of their first child in September and Addie's first grand child.  It was one of the happiest of days for her.  She immediately wrote the date on the calendar.  Just recently, we learned that Adam and Laila are expecting at about the same time.  We've chuckled that it takes two to replace Addie!

There are many photos on this site of wonderful friends and family who shared special times with Addie.  One of her most memorable was her December 2003 Vacation Cruise with Jan and Helle, Michael and Charlyne, and Sam and I. But, I could not end this brief tribute without mention of Mom's two very special friends - Sugar and Sierra, our rescued English Setter dogs.  Every day mom would feed them dinner and of course treats were served throughout the day - banana at lunch and carrots at 4:00.  Each evening she sat on a bench or chair, and gave them bread.  Both the dogs and Addie had a special bond, but as you will see, Sierra was her favorite.

Mom, we will miss you dearly!  As you continue to watch over us from above, know that you enriched our lives with your love, caring, and guidance.  We cherish the many memories of all the times we shared and that YOU made so very special.

Love You


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