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New Hampshire Family

The Weekend of October 18 to 20 was the Belknap College Alumni Reunion commemorating the 50th anniversary of the the college's founding.  While in Center Harbor, Sam and I reunited with our dear friends (really family to us) for breakfast.  Dawn lives nearby, and her Mom and brother travelled to see us from nearby towns.  The weather was spectacular and fall foliage was still fairly vibrant.

Following the reunion, Sam and I travelled to Henniker where we lived shortly after we got married over 40 years ago. There are a few photos of the famous covered bridge and the apartment where we first lived together. Click on NEW HAMPSHIRE FAMILY to view the photos.

Amanda & Joe's Wedding

October 5th was the happy day for Amanda and Joe (Guiseppe), my cousin Ray's daughter.  They married at St. Catherine's of Genoa in Somerville, MA.  It was both a wonderful celebration and an fun time for family and friends to gather and enjoy each others company.  The weather was perfect too.  Prior to and following the wedding, Sam and I enjoyed the company of my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Frank for some leaf peeping. The leaves were just starting to turn. During the weekend, we also shared several enjoyable dinners with Cousin Joe.   Enjoy the photos by clicking on AMANDA'S WEDDING.

Mom's Big Party

Mom's health is "challenged" and she so much wanted to see her friends and her home again.  Thanks to her two sisters and their husbands, and my wonderful wife Sam, we hosted a reception for her at her home.  Almost 50 attended on a Sunday afternoon in October.  Many neighbors, friends from her dance group, women's club, Church, and other special friends were kind enough to share this time with Mom. 

Mom was absolutely delighted.  And, as you will see from the photos, she was radiant and hasn't looked this good in months. During the afternoon, Henry took photos of everyone who dropped by.  When they were delivered the next day, Mom relieved what she expressed as one of the best days in her life! Enjoy the photos by clicking on MOM'S BIG PARTY.

Amanda & Joe's Engagement Party

Sam and I were in Boston in September and our business trip aligned with the celebration of Amanda and Joe's engagement party.  They will be married in October 2013.  Many of Henry's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins were present on a very festive day. Enjoy the photos by clicking on AMANDA & JOE.

Mother's Day & Portland, OR

On Mother's Day, we surprised Mom with dinner out and then lots of gifts to bring lasting smiles. Paul joined us and helped to make the day extra special. Mom continues to progress but remains in rehab.  You can contact Henry for additional information and Mom's telephone and address contact information.

Henry then traveled to Seattle WA and Portland, OR.  The trip there is story in itself as it took over 24 hours with an unexpected overnight in Chicago. While in Portland, Henry visited with friends and family and toured for the second time the Evergreen Aircraft & Space Museum.  Among the many displays is a 747 mounted on the roof of a water park and the famous Spruce Goose, the largest aircraft ever built.  Its only flight (70 feet for 1 mile) was piloted by Howard Hughes.  Mt. Hood was spectacular almost fully covered by snow with an almost clear blue sky as a backdrop.  You can enjoy the photos by clicking on MOTHER'S DAY AND PORTLAND.

Mom & Paul at Easter

Mom continues to recover at Rehab but still has "progress" to achieve.  At Easter, Mom and Paul spent the day with us.  It was a "Chamber Day" weather wise and we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Sam and then we all sat outside for the afternoon.  Click on MOM'S EASTER PHOTOS to view them.

Mom's Birthday

2012 has been a challenging year for Mom health wise.  In early February she was hospitalized for several issues and as of early April, is recovering in a rehab center not far from where Henry & Sam reside.  March 24th was a special birthday so we got Mom a "day pass" and went out to lunch.  The weather was spectacular - just the right temperature and nice breeze to keep things comfortable.

Sam made a wonderful chocolate/chocolate cake that you would never know was diabetic friendly.  After lunch and cake, we sat outside on the porch of the restaurant and Mom opened gifts.  We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.  As you view the photos, you would never know that she has any health issues!

In addition to the birthday photos, there are several shots from the last Christmas.  Mom and Paul joined us for Christmas day, and then the next day, Sam and I drove to Fort Lauderdale to spend some time with our "Canadian Family".  I also added some photos from a brief stay in Key Biscayne.  I was there just a few weeks before the Christmas Holidays.  To enjoy all the photos, click on MOM'S BIRTHDAY!

Tribute to George H. Hall
April 13, 1914 - August 7, 2005

On August 7, 2005, our Dad, George Hall, passed away after a long illness.  All dads are special to their families and was Dad was no exception to us.  Not only did Dad Hall have a love and devotion to his wife, children, and grand-children, but he contributed important scientific and engineering research and development for the betterment of mankind.  His inventive nature (he is credited with over 50 patents), and creative mind served him well, and made his family very proud.  Click on GEORGE HALL TRIBUTE to learn more about "our dad" and to view a photo journal of some memories of the happy times we shared with him.  

Tribute to Adelaide V. Rossi
September 6, 1916 - April 23, 2005

Our wonderful and loving Mother, Addie, left with the "angels" in the early morning of April 23, 2005.  She died peacefully with her family at her side - daughter and son-in-law Adrienne and Henry; son and daughter-in-law Steve and Beth; and grand-daughter Meghan.  While we are all very sad that we have lost her, Addie would not want us to remorse over her passing.  She would say, "celebrate the many wonderful memories we shared together.  Click on ADDIE ROSSI TRIBUTE to learn more about "our mom" and to view a photo journal of some of the times we spent together.  

Click on the "Gallery Link (s)" below to view a full selection of photos. Each link describes the event.

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 Mom & Paul at Easter - April 2012

 Mom's Birthday - March 2012

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