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A Tribute to Sugar

In mid-September of 2011, our very special canine friend, Sugar, went to the "Rainbow Bridge"  Sugar truly embraced her name.  She was the sweetest and most lovable dog, always thankful for that pat on the head or the treat that she received.  She never begged or asked for attention but was grateful for all that she received. Sugar was about 14 1/2 when she passed and she touched many lives in a special way.  She was a rescue and a certified pet therapy dog who loved to visit the nursing homes.  She would bound into everyone's room to say hello and brighten up their day. 

Sugar's story is truly amazing! A few years ago, "Sam" wrote an article about Sugar for the Church newsletter.  After it was published, we received many inquiries about Sugar and a number of requests for her to come and visit a person in need.  While Sugar is a fond memory now, we believe you will enjoy reading "MIRACLES IN EVERYDAY LIFE".

We took lots of photos of Sugar during her time with us.  Some of our favorites are can be viewed by clicking on SUGAR'S PHOTO TRIBUTE".  We're sure you will agree that she was a beautiful and very special companion. "Sam" and Henry sure miss her!

A second dog remains in our household.  Sugar looked at Sierra as a interruption in what used to be a nice home life!  Sierra loved Sugar, however, and wherever Sugar went to have her own space, Sierra would search until she found her and then cuddled next to her.  Sierra too has felt the loss of Sugar.  She still looks for her to this day.  Sierra now has her prominence on the Scarfo Family Page.  You can visit her webpage by clicking on SIERRA.

Make a Difference - Adopt a Pet

The "All Setter Rescue" Organization works tirelessly to assure that any abandoned Setter, English, Irish, or Gordon, is well cared for and placed with the right family.  If your thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting one.  Click on PET FINDER to learn more about how Sugar & Sierra came to Sam and Henry.  There is also an always up to date list with photos of Setters available for adoption.  It doesn't matter where you live.  There is a rescue organization near you with pets just waiting for the right family. 

Click on the "Gallery Links" below to view a full selection of photos. Each link describes the event portrayed.

  Sugar's Photo Tribute - November 2011

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